How to wear your bodysuit like an off-duty ballerina, according to Taylor Swift’s stylist

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Not since the ’90s have bodysuits been so popular in the studio and on the street. But how should you wear one IRL, if you’re not, say, Beyoncé, a Kardashian, or Gigi Hadid (all of whom have been credited for the wardrobe staple’s resurregence)—or better still, a ballerina, the piece’s OG proliferator? 

Stylist Jasmine Caccamo, who’s worked with A-listers like Taylor Swift, cites the item’s versatility as one of the main reasons for its return to popularity. “Bodysuits are a huge trend right now,” she says, “This is in part due to their ability to be worn with almost anything in your closet.” And while it’s certainly true that your bodysuit can transition with you from your workout to work and beyond, this can be an intimidating trend to try given that varied body shapes fill out the suit’s form-hugging fit in different ways.

Bodysuits are a huge trend right now in part due to their ability to be worn with almost anything in your closet.”

Worry not, however, as specific styling tricks can help to optimize both the appeal and the comfort of this look—no matter your shape or style. Below, Caccamo provides tips for rocking yours in a wide range of scenarios as effortlessly as any off-duty ballerina, ’90s starlet, or Instagram star. The overall takeaway? Don’t fear the bodysuit’s return—if Jane Fonda can rock hers well into her 70s, there’s no reason you shouldn’t likewise strut the suit.

Read on for expert advice on styling your fave bodysuit—straight from celeb dresser Jasmine Caccamo.

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Embrace athleisure

This fun juxtaposition on current trends takes a little piece of everything hot right now and combines it into one cool look. I suggest styling your bodysuit with a great pair of track pants and a sensible heel or even an on-trend sneaker.

Photo: Anthropologie

Keep it casual

Layer your bodysuit under a long cozy cardigan or teddy bear jacket (like this one) and pair the duo with boyfriend jeans and flats for a cozy brunch look or errand-perfect outfit. 

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Wear it to work

If you spend most of your day in an office, give the basic lace bodysuit an instant professional uplift by pairing it with a tailored blazer and a sleek, high-waisted dark pant or trouser.  

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Create definition

If you have a waist and curves or want to mimic that you do, partner your bodysuit with a pair of your favorite high-waisted bottoms and a great belt. This will give the appearance of an hourglass figure, which I’m always partial to. 

Photo: Zara

Style with a skirt

For the perfect day-to-night look, partner your bodysuit with an A-line skirt or high-waisted mini (add tights or leggings when it’s colder outside). Throw a leather or denim jacket over your shoulders and this look will give off the vibe of being relaxed and, at the same time, ready for any event.

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