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Photo: Stocksy/Susana Ramirez

Ever looked down at your feet after a long hot day of running around in sandals and couldn’t tell if you were staring at tan lines or dirt lines? Yeah, it’s gross. Plus, scrubbing your soles isn’t how anyone should spend their 99 days of summer.

Stylist Djuna Bel certainly doesn’t think so—which is why, when you’re pulling together your next #OOTD, don’t gloss over your go-to trainers, she says.

“It’s a really nice alternative if you’re looking for a slightly more sporty and versatile look,” explains Bel, who has lent her cool-girl aesthetic to putting together seriously covetable outfits for everyone from Rashida Jones to Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Even better, she says, you can wear all of your favorite summer staples (cut-offs, maxi dresses, and breezy wide-leg culottes included) with sneakers. The key to not looking like you just came from the gym? It’s all about being conscious of proportions. Need help getting off on the right, ahem, foot?

Here are Bel’s top 5 picks for the perfect sneaker-fashion combos this summer.

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Photo: [email protected]

1. Denim cut-offs with classic kicks

Because they show off so much leg, cut-off shorts look good with any sneaker. That being said, Bel does have her favorites for taking the look to it-girl levels: opt for something with major throwback vibes. “I love a high-top converse, Adidas Superstars, or low-top Vans with my cut-offs,” she notes.


Photo: [email protected]_yu

2. ’90s slip dress with low tops

No need to save your slip dress for fancy nights out—when paired with sneakers, it lends the look instant daytime (and cool girl) vibes. Bel’s advice? Keep proportions in mind (particularly where the hem hits), with low tops being the most flattering option. “It’s best not to cut off your ankle with a mid-length slip dress in a high top,” the stylist explains.


Photo: [email protected]_emme

3. Palazzo pants with slim sneakers

Cropped, wide-leg pants are one of this summer’s super-trending styles—and good news, they can definitely be styled with sneakers. To balance out the volume and shorter hem of these breezy bottoms, Bel suggests opting for low tops that aren’t too clunky. “Palazzos are great with a slim shoe,” she says.

Photo: [email protected]

4. Maxis with clean-white treads

A simple white sneaker is a summer staple all its own—and if you’re donning a full-length skirt or dress, it’s ideal. As for height, here’s Bel’s advice: “If the [hem] is a bit on the shorter side, I usually pair it with a low top so your leg doesn’t get shortened by a high top. But if your maxi grazes the floor, you can go with either high or low.”


Photo: [email protected]

3. Track pants with chunky trainers

The fashion-forward track pant goes perfectly with a crisp white tee or form-fitting tank—but what about for your feet? “A baggier pant with a chunkier shoe works really well,” Bel says. She suggests pairing the new Nike Vapormax sneaks to keep the look streamlined (instead of frumpy).

Now that your outfit is on point, it’s time to grab a smoothie and make the most of your 99 days of summer