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With the amount of cash you’ve dropped on beauty potions, you could’ve bought yourself a yacht and sailed off on a never-ending vacay. But what if the key to your beauty goals has more to do with what you’re swallowing?

We’re talking vitamins. Specifically, HUM Nutrition’s next-level, science-backed supplements that are all about making you feel—and look—like a glowy, energized goddess.

Free of soy, gluten, GMO ingredients, and preservatives, each pill packs a combo of potent, high-quality ingredients designed for specific aims, like clearer skin, improved digestion, or fuller hair. (And yes, there are vegan options.)

Not sure what supplements you need? No problem: HUM Nutrition offers a three-minute online quiz to get personalized recs straight from a registered dietician. With flexible subscription options, it’s insanely easy to stay on top of your daily dosage, too.

Heads up: As a Well+Good reader, you can score 20 percent off your first order with code WG20. Shop now at