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Photo: Stocksy/Melanie DeFazio

If warm-and-cozy hygge vibes are your thing, it’s now possible to apply the Danish vision of the comfy good life to basically everything in your world: your shoes, your penchant for everything millennial pink, and even your Google Home. Not that I’m complaining—I mean, can you really have any qualms about a seasonal tradition that promotes draping yourself in cashmeres, sipping on turmeric lattes, and inviting friends over to binge-watch Netflix?

There are endless ways to add plushness to your surroundings and the things you wear. One of the most overlooked and ahhh-inspiring, especially after a long day on your feet? House socks. Not exactly slippers and not exactly normal socks, these hygge-friendly styles offer the sensation of walking on shag carpet everywhere.

Scroll down to see 11 super-soft socks that’ll make your feet seriously happy.

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For options you can wear out of the house, these are design-y socks that will upgrade your shoe game and some slipper-like shoes to pair with them.