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Cabin-inspired hygge decor for your home Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Lea Jones

The weekend-cabin getaway is practically a winter necessity. The shorter, colder days all but demand that time be spent on comfy couch or sheepskin rug (ideally by a warming fire), allowing you to find some balance in this fast-paced modern world.

Locating that perfect rustic spot to spend your long weekend is the easy part; the challenging task is bringing that air of hygge and coziness back to your real life, as a life-elevating souvenir of sorts.

After all, even if right outside your Zen den’s front door is a metropolis full of light pollution and honking Ubers, the inside can be the peace-promoting sanctuary of your dreams, complete with a cozy fireplace and adaptogenic hot chocolate.

Scroll to see the 10 pieces that will transform your rustic home sanctuary.

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