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13 sweaters to keep your office hygge vibes strong

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Photo: Instagram/@chintiandparker

A couple of years ago, after spending what felt like my entire life (I live for hyperboles, okay) wondering why I was always freezing while indoors regardless of the outside temperature, the The New York Times published an article affirming what many women like me had already suspected: Offices are actually cold.

Turns out that some markers of the patriarchy are less obvious than others. For example, a semi-groundbreaking study found that optimal thermostat settings were derived according to male metabolic rates.

Whether you consider it a micro-step toward gender equality or just keeping yourself warm, toasty, and in that very thoughtfully constructed hygge mind-set, an “office sweater” has basically become as necessary for your #bossbabe star to soar as your laptop.

Keep one of these 13 sweaters at your office (take it home only for wash days), and don’t let the thermostat dictate your comfort level. And since they’re chic, fun, and colorful, the picks will likely add some mood-boosting properties to your workspace in addition to keeping you cozy.

Scroll below to see the cozy and comfy office sweaters.

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