New and seriously improved: Innovations in natural makeup

Natural makeup gets a creative boost this fall—compostable brushes, peel-off nail polish, and fruit-based eyeliner color anyone?
Nvey Eco compostable makeup brushes
Nvey Eco compostable makeup brushes

Natural makeup gets a creative boost this fall with ingenious features (peel-off nail polish and fruit-based eyeliner color anyone?), plus better-for-you formulations, and plenty of beauty counter glamour.

Compostable makeup brush handles
The bristles are made of a soft vegan synthetic, and the handles are made from corn resin, a certified recyclable item that breaks down through aerobic decomposition, says Jane Dirr, the CEO of Nvey Eco, an organic makeup line. You can mail the used brushes back to Nvey Eco in Kentucky for a 20 percent discount on future orders, take them to a composting center, or toss them in your own compost heap—just cut off the hairs first. Nvey Eco Brushes, $22–$54,

Sula Paint & Peel Polish
Peel-off nail polish
No remover needed. A boon for nail-polish pickers and those who slack on regular manicure appointments, this three-free polish by Sula comes off in one satisfying piece, and doesn’t seem to take the top layer of the nail with it. Although the consistency is a bit gummy and thicker than regular polish, it doesn’t have any of its odor or fumes. Lasting Love top coat on the flip side adds needed shine. Sula Paint & Peel Polish, $10,

Mineral makeup that acts like skin care

Mineral makeup is already a multitasker: While it’s evening out your skin tone, it’s also absorbing oil, calming skin, and offering sun protection thanks to minerals like zinc. Now it also helps protect skin with antioxidants, like Coffeeberry in Priori Coffeeberry 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals ($45, and Juice Beauty’s Refining Finishing Powder ($22,, with pomegranate and goji berry extract. Both fend off environmental damage and signs of aging.

Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara
Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara gives lashes a conditioning oomph

Naturally conditioning mascaras
If lining your eyes in Latisse or Revitalash sounds too risky as a way to get lush lashes, a new group of mascaras put the focus on another method. They contain ingredients like argan oil (Josie Maran Gogo Instant Volume Natural Mascara, $22, and carrot polypeptides (Organic Glam, $35,—nourishers that naturally fortify and nourish eyelashes like a conditioner for your hair.

Fruit extracts for color
Color in cosmetics comes from chemicals or often bugs like carnine. So to get vegan, non-chemical color a few companies are going to the grocer, and using only fruit and veggie pigments like 100 Percent Pure, which uses blueberry in their Sapphire Gel Eye Liner ($18, Hurraw Balm in Black Cherry ($3.79, is a tinted lip balm gets its color from plant bark, roots, and fruit zest. —Melisse Gelula

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