Why this seen-it-all beauty pro is obsessed with face steamers and rose water spray

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Photo: Schmidt's Deodorant
Jaime Schmidt was a beauty guinea pig, testing out whatever new products she could get her hands on—until she got pregnant. Suddenly, ingredients mattered, and what she was finding on drugstore shelves didn’t make the cut. So instead, the Portland, OR, resident starting mixing products for herself, and before long the all-natural brand Schmidt’s Deodorant was born. “My company more or less started as a hobby,” she says. “I was making things like lotions, shampoos, sunscreens, and of course, deodorant.”

Schmidt began selling her cream-based deodorants at local farmers’ markets, and the response to her stink-fighting formula was astounding. “It was the only natural deodorant working for most people. I saw the opportunity and thought I’d just run with it, make it a business, and see what happened.”

Six years later and, thanks to the power of word-of-mouth (not to mention an endorsement from Well+Good editors), Schmidt’s Deodorant has developed quite the cult—and chemical-free—following. Other than recently adding in a stick option, Schmidt has no plans to expand the brand to include other products, which means that the super-busy businesswoman is back to testing out new products. “I don’t have time to sit around, formulate, and do the whole DIY thing anymore,” she explains. “So I look for brands that I can trust to work well, and that are going to be clean and healthy.”

As a result, she’s tried tons of natural products. “I order most things through the mail, so when a package shows up at my house I get really excited.” (Raise your hand if you know the feeling…)

Here are the 5 beauty products that Schmidt is obsessing over right now.

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Photo: Sibu Beauty

Sibu Sea Berry Seed Oil, $24.11

I have a major crush on this product right now, it’s amazing. I love washing my face just so I can follow with this. It’s actually widely used for problem skin, but I use it as my everyday moisturizer, morning and night. And you can use it without facial powder—it absorbs really quickly and my complexion stays very matte throughout the day. Face oils in general are becoming trendier and more widely used—the best way to combat oily skin is to use oil.

Photo: KINGA

Kinga Nano Ionic Facial Steamer, $39.99

My husband gave this to me as a Christmas gift, and it’s my favorite gift ever. He took it upon himself…he was probably tired of seeing me sitting with a towel draped over my head, dripping into an old kitchen pot. It’s the perfect density of steam, I can trust it to be the right temperature, and it’s really fun to use. I wish they had a full-body-sized one—that would be amazing.

Photo: Bleu Beauté

Bleu Beauté Rose Water Spray, $14.95

This is great for throughout the day. If I want a little refresher, I just spritz it on my face—it smells really delightful. It’s Moroccan rose water distilled through rose petals. I’d really love to see it in a travel size, but for now I pour it in a smaller TSA-friendly bottle. It’s one of my go-tos when I’m traveling.

Rahua shampoo
Photo: Rahua

Rahua shampoo, $30.56

This product is fairly new to me, but has definitely become a quick favorite. I have to say, I’m drawn to products because of how they look, and [this one’s] so pretty. Shampoo does not always look beautiful, but this bottle looks so nice in the shower. Of course, looks only go so far, but it’s also a really clean product. It’s good for colored hair, and lathers nicely even though there are no sulfates. And it has palo santo, AKA “holy wood,” which I always love the smell of. I’m excited to dive into this one more.

Photo: Schmidt’s

Schmidt’s Ylang-Ylang + Calendula Deodorant Stick, $10.95

I think it’s fair to say I’ve used this deodorant more than any other person on earth. One application in the morning lasts all day, so you put it on once and don’t have to think about it. Schmidt’s keeps me fresh through my busy schedule, from running a business to being a mom, and even through my Barre3 workouts. And it smells so pretty, really unlike any other deodorant! I switch back and forth between the jars and the stick, but lately have been grabbing the sticks because it’s faster to apply.

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