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Photo: Instagram/@jamieanderson

Imagine if your main preoccupation in life required you to be in frigid, harsh temps and alpine-dry air, like, all day? Even if it means you’re a badass Olympian and gold medalist, it also means you’re putting your skin through the ringer.

Jamie Anderson, an Olympic snowboarder, admits to dealing with a winter-ravaged, windburned complexion. But, considering she’s been slaying the slopes for a number of years, she’s developed some savvy ways of keeping her skin healthy.

“I deal with a lot of dry elements, so I’m all about clay masks,” says Anderson. “I also dry brush before my shower or use a little bit of dead sea salt in the shower to exfoliate. To stay hydrated, I use a lot of rosehip oil to keep the moisture in.”

“I deal with a lot of dry elements, so I’m all about clay masks.”

Immediately after being out in the cold, the snowboarder turns to oils. “I’ll use a nice aromatic oil all over my body, which I let absorb for 10 to 15 minutes before showering or wiping it off,” says Anderson. In more DIY terms, she prefers turning to nature to heal her complexion. “My favorite is a nature spa,” she says. “I’m a huge fan of natural hot springs. They feel so good and help to hydrate and clear away dead skin.”

And when the dreaded windburn hits, Anderson is sure to drink a ton of water—and her hack is mineralizing it with salt so it’s better stored in the body. She also uses Downy Protect and Refresh to keep her clothes soft and non-irritating to her body (non-itchy clothes are key to keeping skin happy).

Consider these slope-tested, gold-medal methods for keeping your complexion in check.

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