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This time of year, exiting your blanket fort to hit up the studio (and separating your hand from a steamy mug of matcha) can feel like it takes Herculean effort. But if there’s anything a new pair of leggings proves, it’s that fresh workout clothes = instant motivation.

Case in point: J.Crew Sport’s new collection, your antidote to the winter-weather blahs. The latest batch of activewear has all of the flattering cuts—and springy colors—to propel you out of nesting mode.

With soft hues (think ballet pink and moss green), punchy prints (a certain star-covered matching set you’ll want to live in), and minimal mesh sneakers, it’s like a breath of fresh air to your usual all-black rotation.

Load up on classic-cute crop tops, high-waisted capris, and sporty windbreakers that will make you want to move ASAP. Spring just came early—to your workout wardrobe.

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Photo: J.Crew