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Imagine getting rid of the thing about yourself that makes you feel the most beautiful. Bold move, right? Of course, it comes as no surprise that Girls star (and general badass) Jemima Kirke has recently done just that.

The actress revealed in an interview with Style Like U that she felt “self-destructive” while going through a rough patch with her husband. “I was extremely hurt by him and extremely angry at him,” she says. “So I cut my hair.”

“I cut my hair because I felt like my hair was one of the only things that made me feel pretty.”

It wasn’t just a trim, though—the actress has always had enviable, waist-skimming locks, and she had always relied on them as her self-confidence safety net. “I cut my hair because I felt like my hair was one of the only things that made me feel pretty,” says Kirke. “I really believed for a while that without it, I would be boring.”

And, though she initially changed her look for herself, when she decided she wanted to go even shorter her husband—in an attempt to make a heartfelt gesture—offered to cut it for her. “It was quite romantic,” says Kirke, as the transformation connected them to each other in a sweet, meaningful (and beauty standards-subverting) way.

Now she has all the more reason to rock her killer ‘do with self-confidence. Talk about #relationshipgoals.

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