The one thing that Jessica Alba swears by to clear her acne

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If you’ve gazed at Jessica Alba’s close-ups in any number of her movies (or, of course, her Instagram), it’s clear the woman has great skin. It’s not surprising, though, considering her wellness-savvy lifestyle, which involves a.m. workouts, an anti-inflammatory diet, and clean skin care and makeup.

Though the actress and founder of The Honest Company and Honest Beauty (which now has an anti-acne and anti-aging line called Younger + Clearer) appears permanently dewy, Alba admits that she’s fought her fair share of breakouts. “I’ve struggled with acne,” she tells me. “The acne I experience is usually related to hormones, or triggered by nutritional choices or lack of sleep.” Ah, so even celebs have to deal with those time-of-the-month zits.

“The acne I experience is usually related to hormones, or triggered by nutritional choices or lack of sleep.”

Back in the day, Alba admits she tried everything to clear it. “I’ve tried it all—from toothpaste to cortisone injections and everything in between,” she says. “When I was younger, it was more of a struggle.” Been there, girl.

Through all her experimentation, Alba discovered one ingredient that did the trick. “I’ve found that salicylic acid is the thing that consistently works for me,” she says. Makes sense, considering it’s a beta hydroxy acid that exfoliates and is ubiquitous in acne spot treatments.

Of course, when all else fails (which sometimes it does!), Alba turns to concealer. “Concealer can work magic,” she admits. “It’s my secret weapon whenever I break out.”

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You could also fight acne with this DIY essential oil spot-treatment, or sip on these smoothies for healthy, glowing skin.

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