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Photo: Instagram/@jessicaalba

Jessica Alba has a controversial opinion about washing up: Showers are better at night. While the jury’s still out about when’s the best time to shower for your health, the actress and entrepreneur says that bathing before bed helps her relax.

“I don’t even mind going to bed with my hair wet. If you spray some leave-in conditioner and a little sea salt spray, it gives you that extra volume and texture [the next day].”

“I like to take a shower at night,” she told Byrdie. “I feel like taking a shower or taking a bath, it just kind of like—I wind down.”

Yes, this might mean wet hair on the pillowcase, but that’s not an issue for Alba. “I don’t even mind going to bed with my hair wet,” she said. “Especially if you spray some leave-in conditioner and a little sea salt spray before you go to bed; it gives you that extra volume and texture.”

So not only does showering at night help soothe Alba’s nerves, but it’s also her hack for rolling out of bed with voluminous beach waves—maybe that’s how she manages to stick to her 5:30 a.m. wakeup time!

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