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Photo: Instagram/@jvskincare

Even though celebrity facialist and natural skin-care fanatic Joanna Vargas has her entire line of products at her fingertips, she still swears by one common household ingredient when it comes to face masks: baking soda.

Instead of using the powdery white stuff in baked goods, Vargas—whose clients include Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts—swears by its ability to clear up skin.

“When mixed with water, baking soda is awesome for getting rid of blackheads,” she told Byrdie. “You can put the mixture on the nose after the shower, and all the blackheads come right out!”

“When mixed with water, baking soda is awesome for getting rid of blackheads. You can put the mixture on the nose after the shower and all the blackheads come right out.”

Vargas isn’t alone in preaching the powers of baking soda: Even Kendall Jenner has a go-to spot treatment for blemishes (she mixes the powder with a little lemon and honey).

According to Vargas, all you need for a baking soda face mask is the star ingredient mixed with water to create a paste: “Scrub it onto the skin and leave it for [10 minutes]. After rinsing with water, blackheads will be softer and ready to come out,” she said.

Her only advice? Don’t use it unless your skin is congested, and only do it a couple times a month. Who knew getting a celeb-worthy glow could be so effortless?

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