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Remember when double moisturizing (the big-in-Korea beauty trick that some say gives you baby-soft skin) sounded genius?

Well Kate Bosworth is taking it one step further, by triple moisturizing.

In an interview with Byrdie, the actress (who will forever be known around these parts as the kickass surfer in Blue Crushexplains that despite struggling with acne on her chin since she was a teenager, she has figured out a way to keep breakouts at bay.

Her secret? In addition to balance—through healthy eating, a simple beauty routine, and sweating it out whenever she can—when she’s got a really big event (hello, red carpet!), she takes things up a notch by applying not one, not two, but three face masks.

“I use Joanna Vargas’s gel eye patch and then I put the eye mask over it—so it locks the gel in, and if you really want to get wild, you can put the whole face mask over all of that, so it’s like a three-layer,” says the actress.

Think of it as an instant, glow-inducing facial you can do anywhere. “They’re amazing—they’re the best face masks I’ve ever tried,” Bosworth adds. Just remember to shop them in threes.

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