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Photo: Flickr/The Look of Kate Middleton

As the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has access to pretty much anything she wants. You might have to hunt down the coolest designer sneakers on your own, but all she has to do is ask, and a fresh pair will be sent her way. And the trendsetting royal could totally jump the line in any waitlist on earth—but when it comes to sporty style, she keeps it classic (and attainable).

The Daily Mail has noticed that Middleton repeatedly laces up simple, white Superga sneakers—which cost a relatively modest $65. (Compared to Sarah Jessica Parker’s new $255 kicks, that’s a steal.) While her love of fitness has been well documented, most of the time, she’s wearing them as a casual walking shoe, paired with skinny jeans and a casual top—out and about in Canada, cheering on marathon runners in London, and campaigning for better mental health care with Princes William and Harry.

Kate Middleton
Photo: Instagram/@headstogether; Collage: Abby Maker for Well+Good

Every time Middleton wears something, sales tend to soar, and in this case they’ve doubled. But FYI they actually aren’t sold out yet—and besides Amazon and the Superga website, you can also score a pair at Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom.

So, it might be near-impossible to replicate the crowning glory of Middleton’s blowout, but now at least your feet can get the royal treatment.

And Kate doesn’t just know footwear—she’s all about this anti-inflammatory facial oil and even has a trick for curbing sugar cravings.