Kate Middleton’s new tattoo might just lead to a henna spike

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Photo: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal

The second Kate Middleton does something, the world tends to follow suit. (Hello, adult coloring books!) Because of that, the Duchess of Cambridge’s new tattoo might mean you start noticing a whole lot of henna soon.

During a trip to Sunderland, England, Middleton stopped by a new arts hub where she was spotted getting a henna tattoo on her hand—a flower with a swirl, reports the Mirror. The art, which has culturally significant roots dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt, is typically used for special occasions and lasts for a few days to a few weeks, depending on the dye.

Plenty of people like trying out the temporary body art, but if you do, just be sure you’re using a healthy edition of the ancient dye. According to according to NBC 5, that means making sure it’s natural henna from dried leaves of the henna plant—not black henna, which is a chemical and can cause painful skin reactions and scarring.

Kate Middleton’s off-duty athletic look takes a page out of her sporty roots. Or, check out the creative hobby that will make you wish she had an Instagram account.

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