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8 steps to getting Kate Middleton’s hair, according to her stylist

Photo: Flickr/The Look of Kate Middleton

“Poised” is the Duchess of Cambridge’s middle name (right?). Okay, I’m kidding—but it’s no secret that Kate Middleton always appears perfectly groomed.

One key component of her look? Those impeccably blown-out tresses that curl in all the right places. (Not to mention her flawless complexion, thanks to her fave natural beauty product.)

But whenever we non-royals have tried to emulate her coiffed locks, we’ve been merely guessing in the dark. Good news: Middleton’s personal hair stylist, Richard Ward, just revealed to People magazine how to get her look—called “the Chelsea Blow Dry”—at home.

Read on for exactly how to replicate Middleton’s gorgeous tresses for yourself, in eight easy steps. Hey, princess looks require a bit more than two…

Get Started

1. Brush your hair thoroughly

“I always brush the hair through with my antibacterial and anti-static Tangle Angel,” says Ward.


2. Spritz a volumizer

After detangling, Ward sprays what he calls a bulking spritz. “Don’t do it all at once, do it in small little sections,” the stylist advises. “This is where we need to get a root lift, this is where we need to have a little hold on the curl.” And this gives your hair what Ward calls the foundation to the whole look.


3. Use a nozzle

“The nozzle is the very thing that concentrates the heat and takes the frizz away,” says Ward. “Always use one.”


4. Start blow-drying when your hair is mostly wet

Ward says to start when your hair’s 75–80 percent wet, “which means that we have to take 20 percent of the wet away before we start.” How do you do that? Set your blow dryer to low speed and gently lift and heat the roots. Ward dubs this “rough-drying in a controlled way.”


5. Work with a true bristle brush

The barrel of a bristle brush forces your cuticles to close as your hair is pulled through, which gives you the needed tension for the blow dry, according to Ward.


6. Get some rollers

“This look has to be achieved by rollers,” says Ward. He says that if you feel that you’re pulling your hair too much and being too aggressive, “you can’t be.” The hair must be as tight as possible, so lift it high and pull it as you roll it around the roller.


7. Twist as you remove

Ward advises that you twist the hair around your fingers when you remove the rollers, and follow with a spritz of (natural) hairspray.


8. Blow dry on a low speed

For the finished look, put the blow dryer on a low setting and blow around the hairline. “And whatever you do, don’t overload your hands with product.” Voila, Middleton doppelganger.

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