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3 ways to get the manicure that Kate Middleton copied from the Queen

Kate Middleton Pin It

If you’ve religiously followed Kate Middleton‘s rise from girl next door to Duchess of Cambridge and mother of two heirs to the English throne, you may have fleetingly observed her nail polish hues of choice (you know, if you zoom into her Instagram fan accounts on the reg).

Whether you’ve noticed or not, one thing always stays the same with her manicures: Middleton’s nails are never a bright pop of color. And neither are the Queen’s. Meaning, they never have to stand if front of a wall of colors wondering what rainbow hue they’ll use this time. Talk about taking the stress out of getting your nails done!

According to Marie Claire UK, this is for a very specific reason: Their royal sartorial dress code requires “natural-looking nails,” the story reports. Queen Elizabeth reportedly favors Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers, a neutral-pink shade.

Makes sense that such proper ladies opt for low-key shades in lieu of neons or creative pastels. You can’t go wrong with a good neutral, after all.

Keep scrolling to shop nail polishes in Ballet Slipper-esque shades that are at least 5-free.

For more mani inspo, these are the nail polish shades that are going to be trending this fall. And here are 9 seasonal nail-art ideas to feel all the cozy fall vibes