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Photo: Instagram/@KensingtonRoyal

Just because Kate Middleton is a princess doesn’t mean she can’t throw up her hair and play a friendly game of tennis. But don’t be fooled—she could totally take you down on the court—pregnant with baby number three and all.

The Duchess of Cambridge participated in several sports while attending boarding school, but tennis was always her favorite (she reportedly gives hubby Prince William a run for his money when they duel it out). So it’s safe to speculate that Princess Kate felt a recent outing to be especially ace.

When she recently went to the National Tennis Centre in London, the royal sported the coolest off-duty athletic look to join in on a coaching session with a bunch of adorable kids. Getting back to her athletic roots, Refinery29 reported she wore a black and white tracksuit, a white collared top, and Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit sneakers (which will probably sell out immediately)…and looked pretty badass while doing it.

The next time you see Middleton rocking heels and an over-the-top fancy hat, just know there’s a tennis all-star hiding beneath those designer duds—and she might even be able to teach the pros a thing or two. (Watch out, Novak Djokovic!)

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