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Photo: Architectural Digest

If anyone epitomizes chic, it’s supermodel Kate Moss. The British-born, oh-so-recognizable face has been a force in the fashion world since the ’90s. Oh, and her pouty mug has even been seen repping athleisure must-have Adidas Gazelles (swoon).

When it comes to her digs, Moss’ renowned aesthetic sense clearly extends well beyond her perfectly vintage shirts and all-around style (and haven’t you always wondered what sort of flat the icon comes home to?).

“I love those old movies with glamorous bathrooms where they have chaise longues.”

“I love mixing old and new things, all different eras,” the model tells Architectural Digest in a recent feature that takes a peek inside her London home. Deeply inspired by French visual artist Man Ray, Moss worked with bespoke wallpaper brand de Gournay—and the result is an eclectic, silvery-blue flower print (an anemone, to be exact) that resembles a kimono, along with marble countertops, a massive claw-foot tub, and an old-school toilet. Yes, even her toilet is cool.

“I love those old movies with glamorous bathrooms where they have chaise longues,” says Moss. “My bathroom in the ­country has a chesterfield, and when I have my birthday parties there, we always end up hanging out in it. It’s got a record player, it’s cozy, it’s fun—there’s potions and lotions and smelly things.” Ah, to be a world-renowned supermodel.

Keep reading for 9 pieces that’ll make your bathroom Kate Moss-approved.

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kate moss bathroom
Photo: Architectural Digest


kate moss bathroom
Photo: Architectural Digest

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