This “Kimmy Schmidt” star has a hilarious Instagram account dedicated to face masks

Photo: Stocksy/Veavea

Self-care is an important part of a healthy routine in life, and during the winter, most of us are able to spend a lot of time at home, indoors, really focusing on discovering an optimal rejuvenation setup. It seems face masks are an integral part of the winter-Netflix lifestyle for many people (myself and Olympic athletes included). But being overwhelmed by all of the face-mask options out there—sheet masks, foam masks, and peel-off masks, just for starters—makes us wish there were a Yelp for the skin-care item. Luckily, Lauren Adams, who plays Gretchen on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, has an Instagram dedicated to honest reviews of your favorite beauty regimen staple.

The account, Masking for trouble, is not only a hilarious play on words, but it’s also a very practical deep dive into the world of face masks; the actress posts photos and videos that document the process of her masking adventures, with in-depth reviews of the products and a rating on a scale of one to five.

So the next time you’re debating whether you should try a a potato mask (see photo evidence below) or a Snail Bee face masktake a walk on the wild side through Adams’ Instagram and give them both a whirl. (But maybe not at the same time, unless double—or triple!—masking is your thing.)

See some of her best reviews so far below.

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