My Studio Style: Lindsey Duggan of AIR Los Angeles

my-studio-style-lindsey-duggan-1 What does one wear to work when job responsibilities include swinging from the rafters in Cirque du Soleil-style poses? According to Lindsey Duggan, owner of Los Angeles aerial fitness studio AIR (which made our list of the city’s buzziest workouts of 2015), the key word is “tight”—the snugger the outfit, the better.

Duggan teaches about eight classes a week at AIR, which consistently draws a packed house for its suspension training workouts that incorporate elements of yoga, Pilates, boot camp, and acrobatics. A former indoor cycling instructor, she first learned about aerial fitness while training for the Boston Marathon. “It’s recommended that you incorporate cross-training into your running routine, and it sounded so fun and unique,” says Duggan, who opened the LA outpost of AIR shortly after moving out West in 2014. “As soon as I tried it, I was hooked. I love it because it’s a super-challenging outlet to express the creative and adventurous aspects of myself.”

A workout this physical is more prone to wardrobe malfunctions than most—think busted seams while doing splits, or flashing the class mid-hanging pose—so Duggan is quick to offer outfit advice to new students. “Look for flexible materials, but avoid pants that are super-slick—you don’t want to slip on the silk,” she advises. Also, keep it simple—“you don’t want to be adjusting or thinking about your clothes during class”—but stylish (for the mid-air Instagram photos you’ll naturally want to post).

Or, you could just follow Duggan’s fashion lead by checking out the go-to styles in her workout wardrobe. Keep reading to see the five pieces she can’t hang, flip, or hold without wearing. —Erin Magner

(Photo: Lindsey Duggan)



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Gwenyth Every Wear Bra ($47)
I love the changeable straps and soft technical fabric. It’s fully functional for working out, but also cute enough to wear on the go—a must with my lifestyle.


image004 Reebok One Series Advantage Legging ($65)
A staple for me because I can move in them. They fit me like a glove, so I feel like I’m just gliding around the silk.



my-studio-style-lindsey-duggan-5 Pointe Studio Sabrina Grip Socks ($12)
My feet get so cold! Sometimes I need that extra coverage while warming up. These socks do the trick, and they come in cute, different patterns.



Carbon38 Interval Basic Tank ($65)
This tank is amazing because it’s so versatile. I can twist, bend, and extend without worrying if my top is riding up or down. I need to feel as confident as possible when doing aerial, and I truly feel like I can fly in it!


my-studio-style-lindsey-duggan-4 Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 ($38)
I love these sandals because the soles are made out of yoga mat material. I wear them to and from the studio, and I always get asked where I got them. [Now you know!]

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