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Lisa Frank bedding Pin It
Graphic by Abby Maker for Well+Good

Nostalgia is the gift that keeps on giving—not only did it bring back the athleisure it-item of yesteryear (Juicy Couture tracksuits, duh), but it put Spice World back in theaters. The blast from the past may have led to some momentary confusion about what year we’re actually living in (2017? 2007? 1997?), but the killer activewear trends (like shirts that don’t come off during shoulder stands) alone are worthy of turning back the clock.

And now, you can now take your minor (okay fine, full-blown) ’90s obsession just a step further: Walmart is selling Lisa Frank bedding.

The Lisa Frank Room Collection is full of brand’s colorful hallmarks—animal prints, animal faces, and a rainbow palette.

The Lisa Frank Room Collection is full of brand’s colorful hallmarks—animal prints, animal faces, and a rainbow palette—which could transform an old-fashioned girls’ night sleepover into the Instagram-bait party of your literal dreams.

Getting solid shut-eye is so important for your health (lack of zzz’s can even make you feel drunk at work!), which is all the more reason to make sure your bedroom sanctuary is a place where you’re comfortable and happy to spend a lot of time.

The ’90s were both a simpler and unhealthier time so stock your pantry with some of 2017’s healthiest snacks.