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Lululemon debuts new Electrobeam print Pin It
Photo: Lululemon

Even if you’re a fitness fanatic, it’s normal to dread getting out of bed for workouts on chilly winter mornings. When the struggle is real, the right outfit can turn those pre-sweat grumps into fist bumps. That’s where Lululemon comes in. On the heels of the launch of its Forster Rohner couture collaboration, the brand announced its newest digital print called Electrobeam. At first look, it appears to be the ideal thing to wear for a full supermoon workout this weekend, since its design was inspired by the boundaries between day and night, mirroring aerial lights seen at after dark.

To make sure the print looked good, the brand body-mapped and engineered it on a live model.

“Lululemon’s concept team tapped into the environments where our guests are sweating this winter,” says Lee Holman, executive vice president and creative director at Lululemon. “They were inspired by the impact of light in the darkness, from dimly lit studios to evening run clubs.” To make sure the print looked good, the brand body-mapped and engineered it on a live model. Holman says the process was detail-obsessive—but worth its multiple iterations. “That enabled us to craft a final product that was not only bright and eye-catching, but beautiful and flattering to the body,” he says.

The celestial print is available in the Speed Wunder Tight ($128) and Energy Bra ($52). Both of them are made with Nulux, a sweat-wicking fabric that’ll keep you dry from dawn ’til dusk. Does buying a new pair of leggings count as a full-moon ritual?

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