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Attention: Madewell has a new beauty section—here’s what you need to know

Madewell's new beauty line Pin It
Images: Madewell

If you like your skin care and makeup to be paraben-free, phthalate-free, and generally made up of ingredients you can pronounce, there are more and more shopping options every day: In fact, you can even pick up a new face wash or lipstick in the same place where you buy toilet paper in bulk or Lisa Frank bedsheets.

And now, when you’re hitting up Madewell—the beloved purveyor of comfy denim and soft T-shirts—for a fall wardrobe refresh, you can get some beauty shopping done at the same time. Today, both online and in stores, the retailer is launching its Beauty Cabinet, an ultra-curated selection of (only) 40 beauty and wellness products.

You can expect to find #shelfie clean-beauty staples from RMS Beauty and Herbivore Botanicals as well as some under-the-radar goods, including essential oils from Vitruvi (the maker of some very chic diffusers) and the aptly named French Girl Organics. Products that Madewell’s employees love are what inspired the collection—and the retailer’s campaign is fronted by a handful of actual company associates.

Despite 40 products already being pretty darn curated, if you’re only buying a handful of items, these are the ones you should check out first.

See my top 4 picks from Madewell’s Beauty Cabinet below.

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This juice company and online convenience store are also getting into the natural beauty game.