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Last year, news broke of Ulta’s plans for its first Manhattan store (there are close to 1,000 locations nationwide), and now that the November 10 opening is almost here, it’s time for New Yorkers to clear space in their routines for a new wave of beauty goodness.

While Sephora is known for carrying thousands of products from luxury brands, Ulta takes the stance that your makeup bag is comprised of everything from affordable blenders and brushes to luxe natural beauty products like serums and shampoos—and they should all be housed for retail under the same roof (or URL).

So with this all-inclusive approach to beauty top of mind (and as more retailers are providing shelf space to clean brands), is Ulta posed to be your next clean beauty destination on the Upper East Side?  The company already sells plenty of natural products online—including Juice Beauty and Honest Beauty—so there’s a good chance they’ll also be sold in-store at the new location, too.

Many locations offer salon and brow services, and Chicago’s new store has a Skin Laundry clinic where you can get a laser and light facial. Will Manhattan’s Ulta have something similar?

Another perk of Ulta’s new Manhattan digs? If the space is anything like its outposts in other big cities, there will be a lot more to enjoy than just makeup and skin care: Many locations offer salon and brow services, and Chicago’s new store on Michigan Avenue has a Skin Laundry clinic where you can get a laser and light facial right inside the store. Basically, you  never need to leave.

If the Upper East Side emporium is anything like its brick-and-mortar predecessors, Ulta might soon garner beauty-mecca status.

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