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Check out any wellness it-girl’s Instagram feed and you’re likely to be bombarded with marble everything. From grain bowls shot atop Carrara countertops to swirl-printed leggings and water bottles, it’s clear crystals aren’t the only stones worthy of a healthy obsession.

And now, marble’s taking over the beauty scene, too, emerging as the most popular nail art trend on Pinterest.

According to the virtual inspiration mecca, searches for “marble nails” are up 189 percent over last year. It’s not surprising, since this understatedly lush pattern has a way of making everything it touches seem cool.

According to Pinterest, searches for “marble nails” are up 189 percent over last year.

Though it might look like you need advanced painting skills to pull off the trend, it’s actually super simple. First, pick two shades of five-free polish—and don’t feel like you need to stick with classic white and grey. You can also pull inspiration from your favorite crystal, like green-blue and black for a turquoise effect, or dark brown and gold to channel tiger eye.

Next comes the fun part. “After applying a base coat, apply two light layers of a color of your choice,” says Chloe Hung, nail artist at Van Court, a non-toxic salon in New York City. “Then, cover your index finger with plastic wrap and use it to gently dab the second color—the marble top—onto each nail, making a smudge. With a detail brush, swirl the second color around to create marble lines.”

If freestyling’s more your thing, Hung says you can skip the plastic part and add tiny dots of however many colors you wish, swirling them around with a small brush.

Finish with a top coat and voilà—your nails officially rock. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

Keep reading to check out some seriously chic marble nail inspo for your own at-home manicure (or to bring to your nearest non-toxic nail salon).
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