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How Marisa Tomei multitasks in infrared saunas Pin It
Photo: Flickr/Marco Manna Photography

Celebrities are all about the infrared sauna—AKA the buzziest way to get your sweaty detox on. Just look at Tom Brady, who sleeps in high-performance infrared pajamas, or Kate Hudson, who actually brings her sauna on the go.

While she’s not necessarily high-tech about it, actress Marisa Tomei is also a fan of the wellness treatment. “Lately, I have been going to the infrared sauna for detoxes, which I absolutely love,” she tells Vogue in a recent interview. “It heats up the body from the inside out, so I get a lot of energy afterward and I feel so light.”

“It’s a great place to be in and do meditation, too.”

She credits the rejuvenating seshes to keeping her skin radiant (which it has been for decades), even after, say, a late-night hang with one too many cocktails. “It gets rid of any poisons, especially if I had to take medicine or had a lot of sugar or alcohol,” says Tomei.

And the star of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming takes a very practical approach to her time in the hot seat.

“It’s a great place to be in and do meditation, too,” says Tomei. “Multitasking!” Fingers crossed she’s also reading scripts for a My Cousin Vinny sequel while she’s at it.

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