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Locker Room Look Book is Well+Good’s new video series where we share (and you’ll score) post-workout beauty and style tips from white-hot wellness stars.

Here’s a fun game: Add the word “ballerina” in front of any type of phenomenon (workout, eye-makeup trick, lace-up wedge) and see how fast it becomes the latest trend. One more to add to the list? The ballerina braided bun.

It’s the most graceful your hair will ever look after a sweat sesh.

As in, the surprisingly simple, five-minute hairstyle that Ballet Beautiful founder (and trainer to Natalie Portman in Black Swan) Mary Helen Bowers swears by.

The former professional dancer—whose pointe shoes are not required in her popular workout—says post-sweat hair is especially beneficial to execute the look.

Her tip? Wear the braid to your workout, and twist it into the bun when you head out to dinner after. Either way, it’s the most graceful your hair will ever look after a sweat sesh.

Find out how to create the look in the video above and scroll down to shop everything you need.

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