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Wouldn’t it be great if instead of choosing the things to throw in your gym bag in the a.m. (bleary-eyed, and in need of caffeine), a celebrity did it for you? Like, someone with super bold fashion sense and a major eye for trends? Now it’s happening—and you can thank Rita Ora.

The top-charting singer (and serious fitness buff) is curating the exclusive winter edition of Avenue A, adidas’ super buzzy subscription box service, which arrives at your door chock-full of chic activewear. Basically, Avenue A is your gym-style BFF—and the perfect way to beef up your workout-wear rotation with all of the edgy-cool pieces you’re obsessed with.

Here’s how it works: With an Avenue A subscription you get a box of four to five curated items—which could include apparel and accessory items (footwear is a definite!)—delivered to your door four times a year, for $150 a box. (Considering that a pair of adidas shoes alone typically runs more than $100, it’s a serious steal.)

It’s your chance to get styled by a red-carpet fixture with a serious fitness obsession.

And with Ora’s hand-selected edition, it’s your chance to get styled by a red-carpet fixture with a serious fitness obsession (you can bet the jet-setter understands the on-the-go gym-bag life).

So, what’s one definite making it into the box? The AlphaBOUNCE shoe, which hugs your foot with seamless mesh and a cushy sole to make it feel like a (super supportive) extension of you. Once you get your hands on them, you’ll never want to take them off.

Beyond the ultra-cool sneaker, your box will be packed with studio pieces you’ll want to wear all about town as the temperature cools—with Ora’s fashion-cred stamp of approval, of course.

Sign up now for an Avenue A subscription, and score Rita Ora’s fitness fashion picks.

Feature photo: adidas Avenue A

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