Meet your stylish summer bike

You've heard of meeting cute. Well, you and your new bike can meet cute, too. This Sunday, the Hub and Nona Varnado host the Meet Your (Bike) Match event.
Nona Varnado
Fitness fashion designer Nona Varnado

You’ve heard of meeting cute. Well,  you and your new bike can meet cute, too—this Sunday.

Nona Varnado, the fitness fashion designer, is the brains behind the upcoming Meet Your (bike) Match at the chichi West Village bike shop, The Hub.

On Sunday, you can test bikes old and new, or just enjoy some (spiked) lemonade while taking in what Varnado describes as The Hub’s killer view.

Better yet, there’ll be a professional photog on hand so you can get Sartorialist-esque shots of you atop your chosen ride. They’ll be uploading pictures immediately so you can pop them onto your Facebook page and ask friends which bike you should go home with.

“I had this funny idea that it’d be something like a speed dating event for bikes,” Varnado says, describing the test-drive event-cum-garden party. “Especially in this city, there are so many different concerns—you want your bike to be easy and safe, you want it to be really pretty, and not too expensive. There are all these parameters, so how do you find the perfect one?”

Busy this Sunday? There are events throughout May, all celebrating bike month here in NYC. The idea, Varnado says, is to bring people together—and to welcome intrigued newbies to the biking scene. “We want to make biking accessible and fun, and say ‘Hey, it’s not scary and if you want to talk  about something, we’re all right here.'”

Meet Your (Bike) Match & Garden Party, May 15, 2011, 2:00–7:00 p.m., The Hub, 139 Charles Street, West Village, full event schedule at

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