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Photo: Instagram/@poketo

Maybe you spent a considerable amount of time turning your home sanctuary into a serene oasis of hygge, soft materials, and good vibes, but what about that often-overlooked nook that definitely deserves some TLC too? (Hint: It’s your office.)

Whether or not you have a shared workspace, a cubicle, or your own corner office, the right combination of lights, stationary, and plants can add some feng shui and make the place where you sit (or exercise) for nine-ish hours a day way more appealing. And the ambiance upgrade is pretty necessary when you consider that 30 is the new 40 when it comes to burnout, and 70 is the new 60 when it comes to retirement.

As a stationery freak and person who actually collects notebooks (not kidding, folks), I scoured with abandon to present you the best, most design-y desk offerings this side of the internet. Peruse away—your desk neighbor will thank you.

Scroll below to see the colorful and mood-boosting supplies.

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