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Between kicking butt at the office, organizing dinner parties with your girlfriends, and carving out time to get in a sweat session (ever tried swimming laps mermaid-style?), you might struggle to clock a full eight hours in bed each night—and if so, you’re not alone.

But since sleep is super important for good health (duh!), any excuse to spend more time under the covers is worth its weight in throw pillows. One hack that’s sure to keep you in a reclining position longer? Designing a bedroom that’s so lovely, you’ll never want to leave. And no, you don’t have to shell out a ton of cash to create a peaceful oasis of your own—just a few little updates are usually all it takes to turn your room from drab to dreamy.

We scoured Instagram for the most stylish and serene bedrooms we could find—and then tracked down the pieces that give each room its spark, from plush patterned pillows to clutter-proof side tables. (Extra score: Most of them are under $100.)

Scroll through these seven beautiful bedrooms and check out the home goods you need to upgrade your own sleeping space—just don’t blame us if you’re ready for a nap by the end of the slideshow.

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Brock Palm Tree Pillowcase, $8

beautiful bedrooms
Photo: [email protected]_

Urban Outfitters Metal Accordion Side Table, $79

Photo: [email protected]

Justina Blakeney Cessar Pillow, $149

Photo: [email protected]

Ivy Muse Plant Cubby, $180

beautiful bedrooms
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Africa Direct Mudcloth Textile, $49

Photo: [email protected]

Studio A Cork Bubble Vase, $75

beautiful bedrooms
Photo: [email protected]

Anthropologie Hand-Embossed Bed, $1,698-$1,898

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