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best weekend pajama upgrades Pin It
Photo: Lunya

Between crack-of-dawn workouts and late nights at the office (never mind a social life) you need—and deserve—quality downtime. Whether it’s filled with face masks, beditations, or girl power-packed Netflix picks, dedicated space on the cal to focus on self-care and revive your mind and body for the week ahead is crucial.

But those well-worn sweats? Not so much. A totally restorative weekend agenda—anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, if you’re really digging deep—needs soft, moveable fabrics, inspiring prints, and the occasional statement tank, in order to maximize your lounging. (Think that your choice of PJs doesn’t make a difference? Tom Brady would beg to differ.)

If you weren’t already on board with the whole “staying in as the new going out” thing, these dreamy picks might do the trick.

Here are 7 pajamas that will make it very hard to ever leave the house.

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Madewell Flannel Pajamas Top and Pants
Photo: Madewell

Madewell Flannel Pajamas Top and Pants, $44.50 for each


Asos Avocado Long Sleeve Tee & Short Set
Photo: Asos

Asos Avocado Long Sleeve Tee & Short Set, $31


Lunya Washable Silk Set
Photo: Lunya

Lunya Washable Silk Set, $178


The Glad Hours x Tenoversix Pajama Set
Photo: Tenoversix

The Glad Hours x Tenoversix Pajama Set, $396


J.Crew Knit Nightshirt
Photo: J.Crew

J.Crew Knit Nightshirt, $42.99


Forever 21 Striped Sweater Knit PJ Set
Photo: Forever21

Forever 21 Striped Sweater Knit PJ Set, $24.90


Topshop Nude Velour Loungewear Set
Photo: Topshop

Topshop Nude Velour Loungewear Set, $90

Help cozy up your home while you’re lounging with these super-buzzy Insta-worthy items. Or sip on a drink and get glowing skin—all while catching up on Netflix—with these radiance-boosting teas.