At Murad Skincare’s new flagship, happiness is a key ingredient

(Photo: Murad Skincare)
Murad Skincare interior
(Photo: Murad Skincare)

Dr. Howard Murad may have been in the skin-care business for 25 years, but the 75- year-old dermatologist, known as “The Father of Internal Skincare” (he’s also a trained pharmacist, an associate clinical professor of medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, the author of numerous health books, and an amateur artist to boot), has only just found the time to open the first freestanding Murad Skincare store. And it has a wellness bent.

Located on West Hollywood’s trendy West 3rd Street (next door to celeb brunch spot Toast), the shiny new flagship boutique has the impressive bells and whistles of a skin-care brand that’s embraced technologyincluding a lot of interactive touchscreens that guide you to the perfect products and a high-definition camera called YouthCam that measures fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and inflammation (a hot one for entertainment industry types)—plus a range of express beauty services, and, of course, the complete line of repairing and anti-aging products.

But what really sets the store apart is the dynamic doctor’s personal philosophy: the key to good skin lies not just in his products, he’s always said, but in happiness. “Stress, traffic, fear of making mistakes, being too hard on yourself…these are the things that stop you from looking and feeling your best,” says Dr. Murad philosophically. “Getting in touch with the child you used to be before you were encumbered with all of these worries is the secret to wellness.”

murad skincare store los angeles
(Photo: Murad Skincare)

To that end the shop is full of cheerful splashes of color in the form of his own artwork, a collection of his printed “insights” which include “If it’s not personal, don’t take it personally” and “Why have a bad day when you can have a good day?” (both in book and greeting card form), and a huge Interactive Art Wall where you’re encouraged to create your own digital works of art, making the beauty store more like a therapeutic playground for adults needing some soulful inspiration than just skin deep.

“We want you to be yourself here, not anyone else,” says Dr. Murad, whose new book on Conquering Cultural Stress will debut in January. “We want help you with your needs, not what we think you need.” And if you can pick up some of his new Detoxifying White Clay Body Cleanser at the same time, why not? —Rachel Marlowe

Murad Skincare, 8207 W. 3rd St., West Hollywood, 90048,

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