My Five Beauty Obsessions: Emily L’Ami

My Five Beauty Obsessions - Emily Lami

These days, Los Angeles wellness influencer (and perpetual cool girl) Emily L’Ami lives and breathes clean, effortless beauty. But it wasn’t always that way.

Four years ago, she was working full time as a social policy analyst when she decided to take a step back and find her “calling.” It came to her in the form of Bodha Modern Wellness, a covetable line that started as yoga clothes, and morphed into aromatherapy pillows, essential oil diffusers, and smokeless incense meant to help you “come back to yourself.” The collection oozes wellness cool factor.

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Fittingly, the company’s main focus is on rituals, and the tools needed to help you calm, refresh, and purify in the midst of your busy life, New Zealand born L’Ami explains. “Rituals are all about stopping for a moment and reconnecting.” For L’Ami, that means doing something the same way at the same time every week, like carving out a luxurious Sunday afternoon for her beauty routine and me-time, complete with these favorite products. —Kara Griffin

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1. Binchotan Facial Puff ($16) I’ve got sensitive skin but I find this little puff made in Japan from konjac roots and micro-fine charcoal powder works wonders.

2. Earth Therapeutics Body Brush ($8) I’m addicted to body brushing—it wakes me up and makes the shower feel extra good. I got this brush from Moon Juice and I love it.

3. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($55) When I feel like a treat, this is what I use. I love the smell and my skin doesn’t feel tight afterwards like so many other exfoliating masks I’ve tried.

4. Bodha Calm Ritual Oil (available in August) I’ve been working on this oil for a while, and I love it. It’s wild geranium, lavender flower, and Californian sage. I buy an organic base moisturizer and just add a few drops—the geranium is great for my skin and the smell is incredibly calming.

5. Plant Therapy Rose Hydrosol ($11) I love hydrosols—they’re the aromatic water left over from creating essential oils, and are much less concentrated, but with all the same benefits. They’re great for spritzing over my face before I moisturize, especially in this super dry California climate. I get mine directly from my essential oil supplier, but I also really like the one by Shiva Rose.

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