My Five Beauty Obsessions: Munemi Imai

(Photo: Munemi Imai)
(Photo: Munemi Imai)
(Photo: Munemi Imai)

New York City-based makeup artist Munemi Imai really believes in the power of healthy lifestyle choices.

After an illness in 2009, she decided to make some changes, ditching packaged food and switching to a clean, simple, and organic veggie-based diet. It wasn’t long before she felt like a whole new person, and the wake-up call led her to reassess her beauty choices, too.

But rather than just choosing products with healthier ingredients, Imai, who’s worked with clients like Vogue and Elle, launched her own organic skin-care line, Mun, in 2012.

The line revolves around prickly pear, heralded for its antioxidants and age-defying properties, which she discovered on a trip to Morocco. “I came back to New York with the oil and started using it under my eyes” she says. “It completely cleared my dark circles and fine lines. I knew I had to do something more with it.”

Imai now sources the prickly pear directly from women’s co-operatives in Morocco, and uses it in both her serum and toner. See what else she’s obsessing over, and using on the models she works with. —Jamie McKillopAnarose2015_1024x1024

1. Air Repair Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm ($12) I started using this all-natural balm recently on my jobs, and it works wonderfully on models’ dry winter lips for really fast hydration.

2. Mun No.11 Anarose Rejuvenating Rose Toner ($68) I came from a big toner culture in Japan where people would invest in a good toner, more so than face creams. I developed this toner with a lab for deep hydration and anti-aging effects, and it makes the skin so soft and is a great prep before any anti-aging treatments or moisturizers. It can be a clutch product as a makeup remover or cleanser for a lazy night, as well.

3. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream Facial Treatment ($32) Egyptian Magic You really need to warm this up in your palms before applying it or it won’t budge. But once it goes on, it’s great for any stubborn winter dryness or flakiness, and you can use it anywhere—on the face and body. And it’s so reasonably priced!

4. Illuminare Concealing Mineral Foundation ($24) I use this foundation on myself as well as on my clients. It gives great coverage but the finish is still very natural looking. You can use on your entire face, and it’s great as an under-eye cover up—you can layer it anywhere you want a little extra coverage. Plus, it has SPF 20.

RGB 5. RGB Nail Foundation in F2 ($18) This RGB Foundation Collection for nails is absolutely genius. They’re nude shades that suit your skin tone and don’t wash out color wise. (For my skin tone, I use F2.) They make your toenails look much better—and I think they are so sexy. When I can’t decide on a color, I always go with this nail foundation and love it.

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