My Five Beauty Obsessions: Shaney Jo Darden

Shaney Jo

Shaney Jo Darden makes cancer awareness look really cool.

Originally a fashion designer and art producer from San Diego, Darden is the tattooed founder of Keep A Breast (KAB), an inspiring Los Angeles-based organization that’s been educating young women about breast cancer prevention through art, social media, and other creative projects for the past 15 years.

It counts Pink, Blink 182, and a long list of pro surfers among its supporters, for example, and you’ve probably seen one of the famous “I love boobies!” bracelets on a wrist or liked a friend’s #Checkyourselfie post on Instagram.

Most recently, Darden’s been focused on the Non Toxic Revolution (NTR), an offshoot of the organization she created to teach Millennials about the potentially harmful ingredients in their beauty products. She’s been traveling to schools and music festivals in an art-based interactive van to teach beauty label reading skills and partnered with SPY to create NTR sunglasses made with biodegradable materials instead of plastic. (You know, instead of turning paraben-laced products “pink” in the name of cancer awareness, like many organizations do.)

“There’s always that ‘Oh my god, I had no idea!’ moment when we teach people how to read their beauty labels,” Darden says. “It’s really beautiful to see. Most people throw away their bad products right there. I’ve learned we can really change purchasing decisions through this.”

Feeling inspired? Here are the products the bad-ass Darden has personally vetted and uses on the reg. —Jamie McKillop

1. BareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow ($27) As a Southern California-grown gal, I like the natural look and don’t typically wear a lot of makeup. Most days this eyeshadow with a little bit of mascara does the trick. A tiny amount in this neutral tone on my eyelids brightens up my entire face and lasts all day.

2. PerCadiumApothecary Age-Sassination Super Serum ($30) This is my all-time favorite face oil. I discovered it at a craft fair in San Francisco. I love it when I can buy something directly from the person who makes it. It doesn’t contain water, wax, or alcohol. I use it every day under moisturizer, but I also pile it on at night before I go to bed. It’s super nourishing, and gets the glow going.

3. Bare Bones Brewbies Citrus IPA Lip Balm ($3) This lip balm was created for Keep A Breast in honor of our annual Brewbies event with craft beer brewers (brews plus boobies equals brewbies, get it?). It’s all natural, contains only three ingredients, and feels good on my lips. I have at least four of these on me at any given time—one in my purse, one next to my bed, one in my car, and one on my desk.

4. Schmidt’s Lavender + Sage Deodorant ($10) This seriously works. I try hard to reduce how much disposable plastic I use, so the fact that this comes in a glass jar makes me happy, and even happier that it’s effective even in the sweatiest yoga class. The texture is soft and is pit-friendly. It’s made with only natural ingredients, which allows your lymphatic system to do its job and won’t fill your pores with toxins.

5. Eir Surf Mud Pro Stick ($30) My surfer-girl friends turned me on to this. It’s a stick made of simple ingredients that’s easy to use when you’re on the go. I keep this in my purse at all times and apply everywhere when needed for a little moisture. I love this brand because they value reducing waste, which is reflected in their paper-based packaging. Plus it smells faintly like cocoa. What’s not to like about that?

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