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Natural beauty and essential oils on Etsy Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@organicarellc

When you’re in the market for a new (zodiac-inspired) nontoxic lipstick or face mask, there’s a haven of clean, natural-beauty products you might be overlooking: Etsy.

The online artisan marketplace for unique goods is busting at the digital seams with a slew of covetable brands, beautiful packaging, and innovative cosmetics. After getting lost in the wonderland of small-batch beauty goods, I’ve returned with 12 of the most add-to-cart-worthy items that run the gamut from facial steams and highlighters to unicorn(!) soap and fragrant essential oils. Basically, you can snag all the supplies you’d need for a self-care night in and a matcha date with your BFF alike—and all for less than $35.

Check out the natural beauty must haves below.

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