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9 natural nourishing lip balms for winter lips Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@lanolips

There are very few things as disruptive to your hygge goals as being outside in the winter, chapped lips cracking deeper by the minute, and no balm to lead you to the promised land of hydration to salvation. Your on-the-verge-of-bleeding sandpaper-y pout has you in near tears, especially considering the perfectly moisturized and pillowy lips you had only moments ago.

Alas, this is the steep price skin pays when the weather fluctuates between “I definitely need a warmer jacket” and “good, God, can it really get this cold?” That’s why in the winter, I’m less of a human than I am a mobile balm and salve carrier—the fairy godmother of luscious lips, if you will.

Every purse/gym bag is littered with a few options, every cozy coat housing a few more. And my balm obsessiveness doubles as good news for you: I know what I’m talking about when it comes to protecting, nourishing, and reviving your poor chapped winter lips. My personal favorites are multi-use balms, because you can smear it all over your lips and dry skin patches, cuticles, and your (my) scaly hands.

But, to each mouth her own: These are some of the most industrial yet enjoyable lip-savers on the market—all natural, to (snow)boot.

Find your winter lip salvation below.

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