The skin-care secrets of Well+Good readers

glowyskin Last week, we asked you, Well+Good readers, to share your number one skin-care secret ever in a quick Q&A. And your comments revealed some seriously amazing advice for getting a healthy, glowing complexion, so we’re sharing them now.

Here are three awesome beauty trends, tips, and insights that readers shared:

1. Oil cleansers get skin super clean. Many of our skin-savvy readers are casting away soap and water, and instead turning to oil cleansers or using them in a double cleanse ritual at night. Why? The cleansing oil doesn’t strip skin of all its natural oils, but it dissolves dirt and makeup. “My skin has been glowing and I swear it’s been erasing any lines on my face,” as one reader puts it. We recently tried Kari Gran Cleansing Oil and Vapour Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil (each one comes in around $30) and can vouch for the awesomeness of both.

2. Plant oils reign supreme for a healthy glowy complexion. Beyond just cleansing with oil, many women seem to be trading in moisturizers for facial oils like these (calling them nourishing, glow-producing, and balancing) and using them both in their morning and bedtime regimens. A handful were really clear about rejecting the myth that they’ll cause breakouts—here are some recommendations. And coconut oil in particular got a lot of praise. Whether mixing it into moisturizer “for a more velvety texture,” or applying the pure goodness straight on, oils like coconut, jojoba, apricot seed, argan, grapeseed, and avocado got top props as serious skin saviors.

3. Lifestyle choices are your beauty choices, too. Whether it’s drinking more H2O, maintaining a good sleep and exercise routine, or eating healthier foods, lots of Well+Good readers cited things other than good beauty products for gorgeous skin. Four people actually said they’ve either completely cut out dairy or cut back drastically, and noticed striking results—a few said simply eating avocado makes them glow, while others say just clean eating in general is the way to complexion perfection. —Amy Marturana

Do you follow any of these secrets, or have others you’d like to share? Tell us in the Comments, below!

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