You can dress up as these NYC fitness instructors for Halloween

fitness-instructors Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Well, we hope these star fitness instructors agree, because you’re going to dress up as them for Halloween.

You already have these costumes in your closet…or you can pick one up at your next workout. (And something tells us you’ll have no problem getting some use out of an extra workout tank, as opposed to buying pair of fairy wings.)

Maybe you’ll score some studio cred wearing them to a workout on October 31—or at the very least bonus points from your fitness-loving crew at your Halloween party. —Molly Gallagher



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soul-cycle-halloween-costume-stacey-griffith Stacey Griffith

If you can’t get into this senior master instructor’s SoulCycle class, you can at least channel her inspiring look.

How? Get out all the Soul garb you own, read up on life-affirming mantras, and don’t even think about wearing booties or flats. Griffith reportedly owns 150 pairs of sneakers, so your feet will stay comfy all night long. (Take that costumes involving heels!)



rodney-yee-yoga-halloween-costume Rodney Yee
Yoga Shanti

Carry a yoga block, pick up a long, brown wig and secure into a low ponytail (score if you already have long brunette hair), throw on a strand of mala beads, and, seriously, keep good posture all night. Otherwise, Yee would be very disappointed.

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Mary-helen-bowers-ballerina-halloween-costume Mary Helen Bowers
Ballet Beautiful

Okay, who doesn’t love dressing up as a pretty ballerina, especially when it’s the gorgeous Mary Helen Bowers? (Everyone from the age of two up.)

Grab a tutu, a leotard, maybe a studio wrap and legwarmers, and some ballet flats. We don’t recommend point shoes if you’ve never stepped foot in a ballet studio. And don’t forget to stretch out before you go out.

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noah-neiman-barrys-bootcamp Noah Neiman
Barry’s Bootcamp

We admit it might be hard to dress up like this star Barry’s Bootcamp instructor. Oh, the abs. The smile. But you can certainly try.

Throw a towel around your neck, sport a Barry’s muscle tank, and buy some temporary tattoos. If someone asks you who you’re supposed to be, tell them very nicely to drop and give you 20.

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hilaria-baldwin-yoga-halloween-costume Hilaria Baldwin
Yoga Vida

You’re going to totally rock this celeb yogi and prolific Instagrammer’s look. What you’ll need: yoga pants, heels, a baby doll, and Alex Baldwin on a bicycle (or at least a cut-out picture of him). Sunglasses and a People Magazine might help nail the concept. And if that doesn’t work, then strike a pose in the middle of your Halloween party while wearing the heels. (Safely, please!)

(Photos: Instagram/hilariabaldwin;;;


keoni-hudoba-fitness-halloween-costume-ideas-3 Keoni Hudoba
Cyc Fitness

Grab a Cyc tank, hoodie, and a hat, and throw on a flower-filled lei. Oh, and be sure you know what “Mahalo” means (Hawaiian for “thanks”). For the six pack, well, you might just have to go to his class every day. And if you really want to channel Cyc’s party vibe: Add glow sticks.

(Photos: ETG Photography;; Facebook/Cycfitness;


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