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Photo: Facebook/@nicolekidmanofficial

Nicole Kidman is a woman whose face you’ve likely admired for decades. By some seemingly (practical) magical powers, the Australian actress (who just won an Emmy last night for her role on Big Little Lies) has had flawless, milky, ageless skin since she shot to megastar status in the ’90s.

And luckily, the Oscar-winning star isn’t stingy about sharing the secrets to her otherworldly glow. She revealed one complexion-saving technique in a recent interview with Vogue—and it’s simple, but brilliant.

“I love splashing cold water on my face or sometimes taking a super cold shower.”

“When I wake up in the morning, I love splashing cold water on my face or sometimes taking a super cold shower,” reveals Kidman. Talk about something I could only do with my eyes wide shut (had to).

Turns out, the invigorating practice has ties to the actress’ childhood. “I think I do that because when I was young, I would swim in the ocean in Australia,” she says. (And on top of that, exposure to cold water is reported to promote good blood flow.) “So there’s something connected to starting the day with cold water. There’s something about the ocean—the salt—that feels so good for you.”

Ocean water has been shown to soothe inflammation and other skin woes, so Kidman’s onto something (clearly). Just last week, Helena Christensen said taking a dip is her wellness secret as well—and best of all, it’s free.

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