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Photo: Nike

In 1989, Marty McFly tried on a pair of self-tying sneakers that blew his mind in Back to the Future Part II. The date set in the future was October 22, 2015, and ever since the futuristic prototype hit the big screen, Nike has been struggling to perfect the technology to bring it to the masses—and they’ve finally succeeded.

Although the self-tying sneakers from Nike were announced earlier this year, the release date has officially been announced, and you may want to book an appointment at your local store ASAP. (Something this cool is practically guaranteed to sell out instantly.)

The HyperAdapt 1.0 sneaker will be hitting select Nike retail stores on November 28, 2016, according to a tweet sent out by Nike PR director Heidi Burgett—who warns that appointments will be needed to experience and purchase the super-cool sneaks.

Although the price tag is still up in the air (to shoppers at least) with such high-tech specs, you can expect something a little bit steeper than your average Flyknit. According to Wired, each shoe has a sensor, battery, motor, and cable system that adjusts fit based on an algorithmic pressure equation—meaning when a foot is inserted, the shoe tightens until it senses tension, AKA your foot. (Although they will be equipped with buttons as well, so you can adjust the fit manually.)

The battery built into the shoe powers the tightening system, as well an LED light in the sole, meaning you’ll have to clear space in the charging headquarters in your bedroom for yet another electronic device. But on the upside, Nike says three hours of charging will last two weeks.

So maybe Marty McFly was off by about a year—but it’s still pretty spot-on. Will you get the self-tying sneaker? Let us know in the Comments!

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