Nitika Chopra on what it means to be “Naturally Beautiful”

On her new Veria Living talk show, Chopra's tapping her own experiences and a slew of wellness stars to talk about beauty that comes from within.

Nitika Chopra

Your Bella Life creator Nitika Chopra radiates health and beauty. So you’d never know that for most of her life, she struggled with a debilitating skin condition that covered her body and affected her so harshly that she was unable to walk at times.

“Even when my body was showing me that it wasn’t beautiful—and really, it wasn’t beautiful, it was scaly and bloody and flaky and all of that kind of stuff that happens with psoriasis—I had to figure out why I was beautiful, and that’s really what fueled the whole conversation of beauty for me.”

Now, she’s taking that conversation on air, with her new talk show Naturally Beautiful, premiering on Veria Living on September 24 at 7:00 p.m. EST. On the show, Chopra interviews guests from all over the wellness world, like Latham Thomas, Kristin McGee, Mandy Ingber, and even the founders of Well+Good, who each address different aspects of a holistic beauty philosophy.

“I was really clear when I got the show that I did not want to do a makeup show. That’s not who I am. I needed it to be an internal beauty conversation that’s then reflected on the outside,” says Chopra. We caught up with the glow-y New Yorker to find out more:

You talk a lot about your painful journey with psoriasis. How much did that experience influence your approach to beauty? Psoriasis influenced everything about my life, honestly. I didn’t have one piece of clear skin for many years. So most of my life it was either dealing with that or dealing with a lot of conflicts, because I was always very different from everyone. Whether it was that I wasn’t traditional enough, or I wasn’t smart enough, or I was the only Indian among all these white people in Ohio…. The outside world was always showing me that there was something wrong with me, and then my body on top of that was showing me that there was something wrong with me. So, I had two choices. I could either believe that there was something wrong with me, or I could believe that there had to be a better way. And that’s kind of what fueled everything…and the whole conversation around beauty for me.

And what does that conversation sound like now? What can we expect to hear addressed on the show? On Naturally Beautiful we talk about beauty with a holistic approach. It’s very focused on beauty, but everything is through the internal lens, that’s really what I’m passionate about. It’s how you move and how you eat and how you think and how you take care of yourself that really affects how you are beautiful and how you feel beautiful.

So, who do you hope will watch your show? Is there a person you really want to reach? Any woman who struggles with owning how beautiful she is. It’s not about what color your hair is or if your eyelashes are a certain length or whatever. The truest form of beauty is aligning with the truth of who you are. Any woman struggling with that and watching Naturally Beautiful might start to be aware of parts of themselves that are so incredibly powerful and gorgeous and amazing. We all have that within us, and I’d love for people to feel that through watching the show. —Lisa Elaine Held

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