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Locker Room Look Book is Well+Good’s new video series where we share (and you’ll score) post-workout beauty and style tips from white-hot wellness stars.

New York City-based fitness phenom Taryn Toomey is known for her seriously cathartic workout called The Class. If you’re not familiar, screaming, stomping, and beet-red faces are as common as the sweat drenched floors.

It’s all a (rather chic) process for “revealing your true self.” Which is probably why she’s also super honest—and super witty—about her post-workout makeup use: “I put all this stuff on to look like I have nothing on,” she says wryly.

Toomey credits her great skin to “a cleansing balm that prevents breakouts along my hairline” and a must-have glow-inducing serum. “It’s not all the fruits and vegetables,” she swears.

In case she’s right, we followed Toomey into the marble-and-gold-accented locker room of her new Manhattan studio, where football-size crystals vie with beauty products for counter space, to see how the fitness star gets ready for the world post-workout.

Watch the video above to see Taryn Toomey’s full tips-packed routine—and scroll down to shop her makeup bag.

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