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13 new, non-toxic beauty products to resurrect cold-weather complexions

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It’s a new year, and with that comes a fresh perspective. As far as your beauty routine goes, whether your resolution is to switch to a more natural skin-care routine, throw away certain unloved items from your makeup bag, or finally try out a beauty detox, one thing’s for certain: Your skin is in need of a seriously nourishing regimen right now (hello, single-digit wind chills). Thankfully, the latest launches in clean beauty are specifically catered to giving your winter-whipped face some TLC.

Case in point? This month, Well+Good editors have been testing an array of new releases; among our latest obsessions include an ultra-hydrating do-it-all mist, an exfoliator-slash-cleanser made of volcanic sand, a soothing rescue mask, and other serums and natural makeup essentials that have enlivened our cold-weather routines.

Hey, no one ever said your looks have to suffer just because of the jaw-clenching temperatures.

Keep reading to see the 13 new beauty products to add to your top shelf ASAP.

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W3ll People Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner, $19

This isn’t a product for liner newbies, but if you’ve mastered the cat-eye flick—and are also struggling to find a natural product that actually holds up—the latest from W3ll People will be a dream come true. It gets its jet-black shade from bentonite clay, and applies super smoothly with that just-shiny-enough finish (not to mention nourishing aloe vera). Just note that it won’t last for hours—good thing it’s small enough to stow in your purse for midday touch-ups.

Photo: C.Lavie
Photo: C.Lavie

C.Lavie The Serum .21, $98

I can honestly say that this is the softest serum to ever grace my face. Because of its star ingredient—Siberian larch, which targets inflammation—as well as soothing rose water, it’ll stimulate your collagen and make any redness history (yes, please). The Parisian brand has created a luxurious, ultra-hydrating botanical cocktail that works wonders for brightening your complexion and leaving your skin looking positively radiant—your skin will easily (and happily) soak it in. Oh, and the smell is heavenly.

Photo: Plant Apothecary
Photo: Plant Apothecary

Plant Apothecary Superfacial Organic Oil Moisturizer, $56

January is a giant flakey-skin SOS moment for my complexion—which means serums basically give my pores life. Case in point? This liquid-form moisturizer, which combines restorative (and heavenly smelling) juniper and geranium oils with a stable of the usual antioxidant-rich, skin-smoothing suspects like avocado seed and sea buckthorn, handles dullness seamlessly. While it does take its sweet time to absorb, the result is aromatherapy-powered skin nirvana (with no flakes in sight).

Photo: Odacite
Photo: Odacite

Odacite Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist, $45

Facial mists are on every cool girl’s desk these days, but not all are created equal. This one can be used for pretty much anything: a moisturizer replacement, a pre-serum spritz, a refresher throughout the day, a post-workout cool-down—the list goes on. The mix of hydrating aloe vera and buzzy ingredient hyaluronic acid plump up your skin, sea fennel fights puffiness, and chamomile reduces inflammation. I find myself spraying it all the time because it feels so wonderful.

Photo: Kopari

Kopari Coconut Face Cream, $38

It’s no surprise this product is a win, considering that celebs like Karlie Kloss and Mila Kunis are investing in the brand. This silky-smooth cream—which has coconut oil (of course) and sunflower seed oil—miraculously checks all the boxes when it comes to moisturizing, and can actually be used both morning and night. It left my skin nourished but matte after my a.m. routine, then felt extremely hydrating and rejuvenating at the end of a long day. Plus, it smells like summer (which is nice in the depths of winter).

Photo: Au Naturale Cosmetics
Photo: Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale Cosmetics Powder Eye Shadow in Copper, $15

Some people might think natural beauty has to mean soft shades when it comes to makeup, but that’s not the case—especially with this bold copper shadow. I mean, it even has glitter in it. This eyeshadow stayed on all through dinner, drinks, and dancing without fading away, as so many eyeshadows do. Finally, a (much) cheaper, non-toxic replacement for my Dior Reflection!

Photo: Han
Photo: Han

Han Skin Care Cosmetics Bronzer, $16

Just because your skin may feel winter-frosted and wind-blasted doesn’t mean it has to look that way. This bronzer, which comes in two shades, offers the perfect amount of game-changing glow through all-natural cocoa seed powder. Just a touch on my cheekbones, on the edges of my forehead, and under my jawline turned my complexion from blah to Bahamas-ready.

Photo: Arcona
Photo: Arcona

Arcona Magic Black Ice Exfoliating Mask, $68

This glow-inducing power player is both an exfoliating cleanser and a brightening mask. Its secret? Icelandic volcanic sand, black lava, and charcoal, which work to gently remove dead skin buildup, clear up congestion, and minimize your pores so that you look fresh and radiant, whichever way you decide to use it. Talk about a multitasking #win.

Photo: Ren
Photo: Ren

Ren Evercalm Ultra-Comforting Rescue Mask, $38

The tagline for this face mask is “skin Zen in 10″—I don’t always have 20 minutes to devote to a face mask, but 10? I can work with that. Instead of feeling thick and heavy like clay masks, the Ren mask was very light and went on clear. And instead of tightening on your skin, it felt refreshing, sort of like that feeling of splashing your face with cold water. After a mere 10 minutes, my skin really did look brighter. This is a good soothing end-of-week mask, when you don’t necessarily need anything super deep-cleansing, but want to give your skin a dewy glow. It’s also the first mask to use white mushroom extract, which helps to combat irritation that’ll result in a more peaceful skin-tone.

Photo: Balmyard Beauty
Photo: Balmyard Beauty

Balmyard Beauty Romantic Call Body Oil, $82

Founded by a former casting director in the fashion world, Balmyard Beauty is an ode to the magical island of Jamaica. Larissa Gunn wanted to pay tribute the tropics by using the natural botanicals native to the Caribbean nation, and this oil’s hibiscus, coconut, and sweet almond extracts easily summon a day at the beach. It feels luxurious on winter-parched skin, and the mix of ingredients truly evokes a sweet, romantic love for nature.

Photo: Pretty Face Dirty Mouth
Photo: Pretty Face Dirty Mouth

Pretty Face Dirty Mouth Lip Balm, $10

A girl can never have too many lip soothers, but they don’t often come in such an Instagram-worthy container. Pretty Face Dirty Mouth’s latest venture into the beauty world is a major score, as this rose- and geranium-infused balm feels heavenly on chapped skin. Carry it everywhere and don’t be shy about whipping it out and showing off how cute it is.

Photo: Dr. Roebuck's
Photo: Dr. Roebuck’s

Dr. Roebuck’s Pure Moisturizer, $36

This Aussie import (just landed stateside exclusively with Sephora) was formulated with eczema in mind, which means that it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. But even if you’re just dealing with a little bit of winter dryness, this product is powerful. It’s thicker than a lotion but not greasy like a balm—and the moisturizing glycerin gives you near-instant baby-soft skin.

Photo: Organic to Green
Photo: Organic to Green

Organic to Green Arctic Moisturizer, $12

Keep this on your desk for chapped cheeks, flaky lips, cracked hands—basically, whatever skin woes Old Man Winter throws your way. The touch of vanilla, however, is what makes this product practically crave-able. With just two other ingredients, you could probably could eat it, too (debatable)—but your skin will definitely eat it up.

If you missed last month’s picks, check out these 13 buzzy new natural beauty products. And before you add to your regimen, these are 3 things in your makeup bag that you should throw away ASAP.

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