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If you live a plant-based life, you’ve likely watched sadly as your friends sipped collagen-laced smoothies and slathered on youth-boosting elixirs (FOMO is real).

Sound familiar? Then we have news: Science-backed skin-care line Algenist just created the first vegan collagen skin-care formula—and it’s the real deal.

GENIUS Liquid Collagen™—derived entirely from plants—helps to strengthen the skin’s elasticity, giving you that plump, glowy effect. Plus, with 13,000 beads of omega-rich Microalgae oil in every bottle, you get a double dose of nourishment.

And it delivers results freaky fast. Like, 10 days fast, according to an extensive consumer study. (That’s sooner than it takes for your new yoga pants to come in the mail.)

Ready to try the trend? As a bonus, get 20 percent off your first order with code WELLGOOD. Count that as a skin-care win.