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Photo: Stocksy/Marija Mandic

Pores are practically the junk drawer of the face. You definitely have them (we all do!), but you probably wish they would stay tucked away, invisible to all eyes, for the rest of time.

Well, your pores have a different idea. Those repositories of oil, dirt, bacteria, skin-care products, and makeup will sooner or later make themselves known to you and the world.

The best way to battle those pesky openings on your skin is to exfoliate regularly, but once in a while, it’s helpful to bring out the big guns and do a mask (but beware of the potential damage that can come with the buzzy peel-off varieties). Try these natural options (including the 1,000-person waitlist mask—which is back in stock!), to minimize the appearance of your pores using clean ingredients.

Keep scrolling for the 10 natural face masks that will wipe your pores clean.

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